Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Car Rental Deals in L.A.

Nobody walks in L.A. says the song, and unfortunately, it's true. It can be difficult getting around Southern California using public transportation. Renting a car can be pricey, unless you know where to look. Check out these deals, but remember you have to add in taxes and insurance if you don't already have it:

Fox--Pick up at LAX, and take the wheel of a fairly new subcompact with air and auto for $17.43/day from January 31 and return the next day. Their Website lists hot deals for particular dates. They're also one of the few rental companies around that will rent to 21 to 24-year-olds.

699 --If you can get a ride to their office in Hollywood, you can get a clean, fairly new compact for just $7/day and 19 cents per mile, or you can opt for $16.99 and unlimited miles. Go here for the info.

Discovery--A Ford Focus on over a February weekend for $20/day? Not bad, they also have locations near Burbank Airport and LAX.

Rent a Wreck--Not wrecked actually, just a year or two old. You can get a compact for around $20.

Hotwire--A personal favorite, go to the rental car section, click in the dates you want and you'll get a bottom-line price from the big brand-name rental companies. When I checked February 20-23, I got $20 for an economy car. When I checked on Expedia for those same dates the best price was $33. The catch on Hotwire is you're prepaying and there's no refunds, but if you secure it just before you go, you'll get a good deal and you're not likely to get burned.

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