Monday, February 23, 2009

See the Stars--While They're Cheap

When you come to L.A., be aware that virtually every waiter, waitress, store clerk and pizza delivery guy has got a song to sing, a monologue to deliver or a script to write. Out of 9 million people, it seems like about half are trying to make it in "the business." What's fun is many of these stars-in-the-making hone their skills at venues around town where you can see them work--for a song:

The Groundlings--Alumni of The Groundlings have gone on to fame on Saturday Night Live, Hollywood sitcoms and the movies. They do regular shows of improv and stage comedy at their theater (7307 Melrose, Hollywood). Tickets range from $12.50 to $21.50 depending the show and the day of the week.

Max 10 Performance Lab--You can see the latest in choreography and dance at this Venice event, held the first Monday of each month through July 5. Tickets are $10, and after the performance you're invited to stay and meet the artists.

Sundays Live--If you plan a visit to the L.A. County Museum of Art on a Sunday Afternoon, be sure to stick around for the free chamber music concerts held in the Bing Theater at 6:00. Many of the performers are world-class musicians simply keeping sharp before their next symphony.

Opera Buffs--Los Angeles may not be known as an opera town, but that hasn't stopped some lovers of the genre to support young opera singers who are looking for bigger stages. If you're in L.A. on March 22, this organization will be hosting a showcase downtown focusing on nine singers. This night of arias is available for a $15 donation, or $5 for students.

L.A. Smaller Theater--The pages of L.A. Weekly are filled with listings from L.A.'s small theaters where you'll find some great actors and interesting plays. Expect to pay $10 and up for a seat.

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