Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheap on the Beach

If you were told you could stay on the beach in Southern California for $25 per night, you'd think we were crazy, right? But the ultimate cheapest way to stay here other than crashing on a friend's dirty couch is to camp. If you can get a tent and a sleeping back, you can stay at three beachfront campgrounds: Leo Carillo and Pt. Mugu in the far reaches of Malibu or Doheny State Beach, down in South Orange County. Now, it may not be the Four Seasons, but the Four Seasons doesn't have a property on the sand. (Note: photo courtesy of, which focuses on Southern California day trips.)

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  1. I guess your so cheap you have to rip off pictures from my web site.
    Here is the original picture I actually went out and took