Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baseball in L.A.

With some of our beautiful Spring days, it's an ideal time to catch a ball game. Here are two of my favorite cheap ways to see a game:

Dodgers--Plan on seeing a weekend afternoon game. One of the best places to sit is in the upper deck between the dugouts. Sure, you're way up high, but you also have a perfect view of the entire field (and you're not paying $35 a seat to be lower, but much farther down the foul line. Tickets for the upper deck are around $9. Stadiums are known for having tasty, but expensive food. I take everyone to historic Phillipe's ( 1001 N. Alameda St., downtown) for a late breakfast. Of course, Phillipe's is known for their amazing sandwiches, but they've also got incredible and reasonable breakfasts. And you can' t beat the price of their coffee: 9 cents.

Angels--The team has a series of "Family Fun Packs" each season for particular games which include four tickets, four hot dogs and four small drinks. For seats in the upper-upper level, the package is $39. Packages with seats in the lower-view area are $51, making these quite a bargain. Parking here is usually a bargain too, lots across the street from the stadium charge as little as $5.

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